"A good diet, refraining from excessive desires, and daily meditation all lead to peace of mind, and this peace of mind is beneficial."    

Little Book of Inner Peace,   --The Dalai Lama

What happens when a person is caught in a rip current in the ocean? A lifeguard would tell you to swim parallel to the shore and that would break the hold of the current. When panic sets in it is sometimes very difficult to remember that idea of relaxing enough to swim parallel to the shore. Isn't that true about the challenges that we go through in life? We get caught in the idea of events becoming more than we can handle. When it occurs to us, that  Spirit surrounds us, moves in, through, and as us, we can remember to relax into that Divine Presence, and a shift happens. It allows us to respond, rather than react to the situation. There are many times that I have been so focused on the problem, that it takes me a little time to say, "God, I could use a little help here." When I do this, a solution seems to shift into place.

In self defense classes we are often told that if someone grabs a hold of you, become limp. It is harder to deal with you when you relax your body. An animal or a person that falls into a river has a hard time swimming upstream; but when going with the current allows them to find their way to shore. Sometimes we go through such busy days, an argument at work, being stuck in traffic, knowing that relatives are arriving the next day for a stay at your house; the whole day may feel like you are worn out to the bone. This is a perfect time to relax into quiet time when you get home. Sink into the bathtub, listen to your favorite music, or watch a comedian on the television. Let your family know that the first half hour of your time at home is the time you need to let go of the business of the day. When you relax into the flow, life becomes much happier, and then you will be able to give your attention to those you love.

"Every act is an outcome of consciousness, every moment is within the Divine Being, and since the Divine Being is everywhere It must also be at the center of our own life."

Living the Science of Mind,              --Ernest Holmes

Do you have a daily Spiritual Practice? Do you read inspirational articles, write in a journal, say affirmative prayers and/or meditate? When I first started rolling with the idea of Spiritual Practice I simply wrote down three thing I was thankful for each day. It was hard at first, but became easier as the weeks past. When you have an attitude of gratitude, more things to be thankful for show up. You might try the same gratitude idea if you are just starting out. If you already have a Spiritual Practice, keep doing it! Winston Churchill once said, "An attitude of gratitude makes a big difference."

Love and light,

Rev Sandy Smith


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