"When we take a new approach to something, things often change for the better."
Sandra Lindsey Smith,  Life's Garden Grows

When the busy week is over, do you ever feel like you've just run a marathon, and are sitting spent on the side of the road? Do you stop and wonder how you could have possibly completed all of those things in one week? I have to admit that sometimes I feel that way. Then I remember all the smiles I have seen, the love that was shared, and the feeling of accomplishment. The realization hits me, I may feel tired, but my energy level was put to good use.

Do you ever feel that there are times when you have committed yourself to too many things? Perhaps you always do such a fine job, that people come to you and ask because you always show up with the energy to accomplish all those things? 

When I was forty-four and going through a divorce, I discovered a new Spiritual teaching, The Science of Mind. I put my soul into learning it and practicing it. For me, it was a God-send.  I dove into it whole-heartedly.  I was coaching speech and drama in a nearby high school, and spending almost every day of the week at The Center for Spiritual Living, in Bonita, California. After about three months I was getting burned out with so many activities. Then I took stock and realized, I didn't have to say YES to everything. Karen Drucker wrote a song called, N-O is My New Yes. Some of the lyrics say, "when I say no to you, I'm saying yes to myself." I followed this advice and started being more selective as to what I said yes to. I found that when I did that, I enjoyed myself more.

Think of parents who power through their days taking their children to school or this lesson or that sports event. It can be exhausting, until they realize that parenting is a shared experience, or the concept of car pools. It is okay to delegate to others when needed. When we do this we can skip being exhausted, and use our energy wisely.

"Having made the decision, every right idea will flow into my consciousness. Each idea will reveal itself at the instant I need it."  Raymond Charles Barker,   --The Power of Decision

Do you have those moments where your energy needs recharging? Hopefully the energy spent was worth your efforts. If you find that it was not, evaluate  what you might do differently. Could you let go of a few activities, say no to the things that come up that you could let others take a turn at. Remember that sometimes, as Karen Drucker says, "When I say no to you, I am saying YES to myself." 

Love and light,

Rev Sandy Smith


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